Well, actually, I have my problems with our present artworld, because art – as the society sees it as established – is always connected to money.
Well I have to say that I feel more like an underground artist working where I am and touching topics that are touching me.
I use a lot of different materials, sometimes I use material that already lost it’s value, like garbage, to up- or downcycle it or to create something new out of it. For example making paper out of wasted paper.
In the beginning I painted a lot. I loved to paint faces/portraits in a big format.
Later I destroid my paintings and started to do recycling-art (Tetrapacktipi)
In June 2011 I got my master degree for „art & communication and fashion & styles“.
In the last couple of years I build and sewed a lot of objects and costumes for our theatre-circus-shows, especially for uv-light-performances, I love to play with illusions. Once I`ve created a UV-spider which was revived by the art of 3 passionate performers.

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